Apr. 19th, 2012

         Today was a very interesting day for me.

  1. I started a blog
  2.  I cleaned up a dog’s puke
  3. and yes, I went to school

Today was definitely not a “typical” day. Things were rushed and very stressful and to top it off, I think I got a sunburn. I thought it might be a good idea to start going outside when the weather is nice so I could start to “tan” now (or burn) instead of in the summer when the sun is hottest. Since I have such fair skin, I really couldn’t argue with the idea. I am not sure how bad the burn is yet, but I can feel it. That’s the big indicator that I may be burned. It always starts with the sense of pain underneath the skin and then the lobster red appearance. Good thing I still have some aloe! Besides that, I had to do some other things not typically on my daily schedule like paper work for one of my friends and cleaning up dog puke like I said above. I’ve done paper work before, but I’ve never dealt with a dog’s puke before. At first, I thought it was water. Then, I realized that the water spots were getting bigger and it was spreading to more areas around it. For instance, instead of it being just on the floor, it was now all over the floor and also on the couch and the couch’s pillows. It was clear puke. Not sure exactly what that means, but I hope the dog is alright. Oh, I left out the part where I had to walk over 3 miles to get back to where I was doing school at. Since I’m homeschooled, I go to someone’s house every morning to do my work. Today, I got there in the morning, I layed down for about an hour, and I got up and I was asked by my friend what some good books are. I replied by saying, “the Hunger Games” and so we agreed that since she had to go into town, I would ride with her and she would drop me off at my house and I would go get it while she went and did a few errands. One key thing to know is that right after she first told me she would like to take the book along with her when she travels (she is going a very far distance so it made sense to ask for a book to read) I asked her if I could go on a walk because she was on the phone with someone talking about work and I thought hey, I was going anyways so why not go while she is talking. She said it’d probably be better if I stayed now, waited until she dropped me off at my house and I could just start walking from my house back to hers. I thought about for a few minutes without responding and eventually just said out loud that I would just stay at my house and wait for her to get done and I told her she could just come pick me up from my house instead. I knew that I was going to run later anyways so it wasn’t a big deal. I guess she never heard me though because I was dropped off a block from my house so I walked up, got the book ready, and waited for about 30 minutes and she never came. The ironic thing is that I also forgot to grab my phone from where I am homeschooled so I texted her with my mom’s phone saying, “I forgot my phone and I am home.” A few minutes later she calls me saying, “I thought we agreed to you walking and I’d come by and pick you up along the way?” That’s the moment I knew she hadn’t heard what I said earlier. Soo…. She said, her mom (which is basically my teacher, sort of) would come get me and she also said to start walking the back way to their house so she could pick me up. I started walking right away and continued to walk the whole entire time. Yes, that’s right. Over 3 miles later I’m in the driveway thinking my friend is gone and my teacher never came to get me. I only thought this because when my friend called she said she’d be leaving in 30 minutes. I am pretty sure it took me longer than 30 minutes to arrive at her house. Her car was gone so I had expected she already left and was off to the airport so now I had a book that I walked this whole entire time with in my sweaty hands and it was for nothing. I also saw my teacher’s car still in the driveway so I expected she never left. Boy was I ticked! When I went inside though, it was different. There sat my friend at the dinner table and she looked up right away and said, “I am not mad at you.” I thought to myself, WHAT!? YOUR NOT MAD? You have no reason to be mad! I made it clear before we had even left that I was staying and waiting at my house. That’s your problem not mine. But of course, I kept that comment to myself. In that same amount of time I realized that my teacher must have taken my friend’s car instead of hers. It all made sense now! It wasn’t anything like I had thought it was. I was mistaken and good thing I didn’t respond the way I wanted to. What actually happened was my teacher went to town to do something and I guess she didn’t hear my friend say that I was going the back way so she never did and that’s why I never got picked up. She went the wrong way! Again, not my fault but it still made me suffer haha! Just poor communication I guess which is also what happened earlier too. My friend just needs to hear and talk better! So…. ENOUGH OF THAT STORY! Remember this all happened in one day! Hectic right? Mhmm! Anyways, the funny thing about today was that the other kid who gets homeschooled with me (yes just 2 of us) has his licence and so today was his second day of driving in his car he got. It was new and it needed gas. When we went to get gas, he only brought $5 to start! The next thing he did was park the car on the opposite side of his gas tank so he had to back up and go on the other side but before he did that he gave me the money and asked if I would run in and pay for the gas so I said I would and as I got out of the car he asked me what pump we were at. If he would have looked to his right he would have seen the big #2 by his head or he could have looked to around even and saw what the numbers were on the other pumps. At this point, I was dieing inside trying not to laugh at him but I held strong and never did. So I went inside, paid for the gas, came out and… he couldn’t get the little knob thing underneath the lid that pops up to put the gas in, OFF! I never saw something so dumb before. For being so book smart, he really had it coming lol! That was about it except for a few more things that just add to him looking dumb so I think I’ve said enough and you get the point. Well, that’s about all I have for today. It was a very emotion-filled day that is all I can say haha! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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